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Pressing Pause on Pathology



The goal of Save Point is to recreate the overwhelming feeling of relief that would wash over you upon finding a place to save your progress in game. It's been hours since your last checkpoint, your party's health is barely more than 0, one's poisoned; another berserk. You'd cure them if you could, but your items ran out long ago. You’re carefully tiptoeing ahead, at your limit and dreading that one wrong move could knock you out completely.


Then - you see it, glimmering in the distance; the place where all your progress is recorded, and you can safely rest for a moment. When you leave the office we hope that your drive to push onward despite all obstacles has been renewed; you're ready to crush whatever life throws at you.

That’s what we’re trying to do here. 




Acupuncture is a medical field that has been practiced for thousands of years (certainly adapting and improving with medical knowledge and science), using needles barely a hair's width thin. 

As an expansive medical field, acupuncture can be used to treat everything. I mean it - EVERYTHING. Check the FAQ page for a list of examples.



Our bodies depend on movement, but oftentimes we move too much or don't move enough. Cupping is commonly used to loosen tight muscles, but it is also extremely useful in treating a variety of ailments, such as respiratory issues, high blood pressure, stress, and fatigue.

Check the FAQ page for more



No two people are the same, and neither should be a massage. Whether you are looking for something flowy and relaxing, or something more intense, you will get what you ask for and need. Based upon your needs, your massage will be some combination of : Orthopedic, Deep Tissue, Sports, and/or Swedish massage; Trigger Point Therapy; Myofascial Release; Neuromuscular Therapy; Reiki; and/or Lymphatic Drainage.


Interested in learning more? Check the Massage Types page or come in for an appointment for a custom massage!



Our ESA is named Star Fox. He can be in the office for any Sunday appointment. If it'd make you more comfortable, you can request for him to join you for your appointment.



Not sure if acupuncture is for you? Smash that free initial consultation button! We'll talk about what brought you in, go over any questions you might have, and discuss a personalized approach for treatment that's right for you, with no commitment required. My goal is for you to be comfortable with the treatment that's right for your body.



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