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Save Point is a business started by Ashley Ledford, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac, and her husband Dr. John Finn, DPT, LMT, OMT, focusing on acupuncture, massage, and other holistic wellness practices.

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Ashley Ledford, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Hello! Those abbreviations just mean I hold a Masters in Acupuncture (from The New England School of Acupuncture), that I am certified as a Diplomate of Acupuncture from the National Certification Committee for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and that I am licensed by the Board of Medicine to practice in MA. My education also encompassed training in various forms of body/energy work, including Tui na, Sotai, and certifications in Reiki and Tong Ren Therapy.


I've worked in hospitals, community clinics, and private practice. 


When I'm not doing this job that I love, I enjoy picking weights up and putting them down in the exact same place, hiking with my dog, and wandering the wasteland in a video game like Fallout 4 (also with my dog).

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Dr. John Finn, DPT, LMT, OMT

I'm a Doctor of Physical Therapy (MCPHS grad 2024). Duel wielding P.T./ massage coming soon, pending completion of board exams.


I am a licensed massage therapist (Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy 2014) with certifications in orthopedic massage therapy and Reiki II. I worked at Harvard University's "Center for Wellness” & and few other clinics, taught chair massage classes, volunteered at the Boston Marathon, and eventually formed my independent practice. 


If you like feeling strong and want to continue moving well until you’re old and gray, let’s chat. I maintain a beginner’s mindset to cover every angle of approach to bodywork. The tensegrity model serves as a guide guide where I'll focus most of my deep work to restore the body back to a neutral position. Balance the muscles, the rest of the body will follow. Balancing includes strengthening, so expect to get some homework.


The energetic aspect to my work, if opted for, is much like a heartfelt hug given to someone in need. I try to bring that energy into how I interact with people and share positivity. Reiki harnesses a person's energy to help a person heal themselves.


Star Fox

Star Fox, a.k.a. Fox, a.k.a. Baby Beef, is our emotional support animal. He can optionally join for acupuncture appointments on Sundays upon request.

Fox likes being around people, hiking, dressing up on Halloween as gremlins / Yoda / Ninja Turtles, and tolerating whatever shenanigans Ashley and John bring him to.

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